Mycelium Wallet

Mycelium Wallet Review

Mycelium logoMycelium has been a valuable asset in the cryptocurrency space since 2008. It offers a variety of accounts that cater to user preferences ranging from Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) accounts, Single Address Accounts, Watch Only Accounts, Bit ID, and Hardware. The security offered on Mycelium is best in class as it never takes custody of user funds and works like a tunnel between users and Bitcoin network. This makes the wallet more reliable for sending, receiving, trading, and storing Bitcoin without worries of theft or fraud. There is no doubt Mycelium has successfully maintained its reputation over 12 years as one of the most reliable crypto wallets in the market owing to its innovation and dedication to user satisfaction.

Mycelium Wallet

Pros :

  • Open source
  • Range of different accounts available
  • Good security features

Cons :

  • Stores Bitcoin only
  • Limited customer support
  • No desktop version

What is Mycelium Wallet ?

Mycelium is the ideal wallet for Bitcoin users looking to store their digital assets securely. Developed by a team of dedicated hardware engineers, the mobile app (available for Android & iOS) offers users a simple and intuitive interface with a cool range of features, such as easy account switching, multiple payment addresses, transaction history and much more. Mycelium issues users an added layer of protection due to its dependency on SPV or Simplified Payment Verification; this technique enables users to download the complete blockchain, making it impossible for malicious actors to tamper with it. Mycelium’s Cold Storage functionality allows users extra peace of mind as funds are kept secure until actively used or transferred.

Key Features of Mycelium Wallet

Mycelium Wallet is an ideal solution for cryptocurrency users ranging from novice beginners to experienced traders. Not only is its open source code strong and secure, but it requires no personal information or identification credentials so you can remain anonymous while trading. Although the wallet lets you buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether, and 90 other ERC-20 tokens, Mycelium also has a unique decentralized exchange called Local Trader – exclusively available to Android users. With Local Trader, users can trade assets directly with one another without having to go through a centralized platform that takes custody of assets. Furthermore, Mycelium’s compatibility with hardware wallets and Bit ID authentication provides additional layers of safety and peace of mind. Mycelium presents its users with a full suite of tools and features for secure digital asset transactions.


Mycelium is an innovative Bitcoin wallet that does not require customers to store their funds. This provides increased security and protection from the vulnerabilities associated with centralized exchanges, hedge funds, and other lending institutions. It is equipped with a host of security features, such as a PIN requirement for sending Bitcoin or accessing private keys, a watch-only feature so you can view your funds without keeping your private keys online, and the ability to store your private keys on a USB stick or paper wallet. Moreover, two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator adds an extra layer of security for users looking for peace of mind.

App usability

Mycelium is an incredibly popular wallet, with a simple and intuitive interface. It is compatible with iPhones and Android systems, making it accessible to many users. The convenience of Mycelium extends further Android users benefit from the additional feature of Mycelium Local Trader, an internal decentralized exchange where funds can be securely exchanged with other Mycelium users. Additionally, the wallet makes transferring funds to and from cold storage a breeze. There are clear options for sending, receiving, and moving funds stored offline as needed. The user-friendly platform makes trading crypto assets easy for beginner and experienced users alike.

How to use Mycelium Wallet?

Using Mycelium wallet is quite easy and it can be used to store Bitcoin securely. After downloading the app from App Store or Google Play Store, the first step would be to create a new account by setting a PIN code of your choice. With this PIN combination, you will be able to securely spend your Bitcoin along with accessing your 12-word master recovery seed which needs to be noted down somewhere safe as well. Setting up the wallet is quite quick and simple and can offer efficient security for users who are looking for ways to manage their cryptocurrency transactions safely.


For crypto enthusiasts seeking a secure, self-custody solution, Mycelium wallet may be the perfect fit. Supporting over 90 assets, the platform offers a well-rounded suite of features for users. Its decentralized nature helps protect assets from many of industry risks and allows experienced users greater control over their investments. As with any online wallet featuring internet connectivity, Mycelium can be vulnerable to hacking and malware if extra security measures are not taken. It’s lack of detailed customer support make it less suited to beginners, but with its wealth of tools and options, experienced investors will find Mycelium an impressive option for managing their digital assets.