Arculus Wallet

Arculus Wallet Review

Arculus logoArculus is revolutionizing the digital asset storage industry with its 3-factor authentication system and ultra secure cold storage wallet. You can securely access your private keys without any risk of theft or malicious attack from hackers, thanks to their Arculus Key Card and Arculus Wallet App. The user experience is smooth and convenient, so you can be sure that all your digital assets are safe and always accessible – when you need them. Offerings like these make Arculus stand out as the preferred provider of cryptocurrency protection and wallets in the current market.

Arculus wallet

Pros :

  • Easy to use
  • Three-factor authentication
  • Hybrid cold and hot wallet alternative

Cons :

  • App no compatible with other devices
  • Limited to over 40 cryptocurrencies for storage
  • Only USD and EUR fiat currency supported

What is Arculus Wallet ?

Arculus offers a truly innovative way to store, secure and manage cryptocurrencies. Built with two of the most cutting-edge technologies: Near Field Communication (NFC) and multiple layers of protection, Arculus is able to provide private key storage on a physical metal card. In our review, we will assess the features Arculus has to offer as well as unbox and set up an Arculus wallet. From that, we can also compare it to other market leaders in the hardware wallet space. With top-of-the-line encryption protocols at its heart, you can rest assure that your cryptocurrency is safe on the Arculus platform.

Unique Features of Arculus

Arculus is one of the most trusted hardware wallets available today and carries a definite advantage over other options. It offers secure storage for your cryptocurrency at an affordable price, with none of the confusing complicated features found in similar wallets. Its simple yet sophisticated design makes it reliable and easy to use without worrying about potential hardware failures or damage. Arculus promises users a safe and convenient way to store their digital assets without sacrificing security or usability.

Arculus offers a range of key features and products, including:

  • Cold storage for crypto private keys and NFTs
  • A companion app for managing your crypto assets
  • Support for over 40 different cryptocurrencies
  • No additional fees for depositing or withdrawing funds
  • A proprietary three-factor authentication system for added security
  • A high-quality metal keycard for convenient access to your accounts
  • A built-in gateway for buying crypto directly within the app

Security with Three-factor authentication

Arculus offers a three-factor authentication (3FA) solution that takes crypto private key security one step further. Access to the data is denied to anyone without the Arculus companion app and the Arculus card. Below are the three levels of verification required by users in order to access their data:

  • Biometric access using facial recognition or a fingerprint scan on the user’s mobile device
  • Entry of a 6-digit passcode which is required during set up of the key card and every time the app is opened
  • NFC tap verification using an Arculus key card

All these added layers of security ensure secure access to user data every time.

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Metal NFC Card

Arculus NFC cardWith the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrency, users find themselves at risk of being vulnerable to theft or hacks. To address this potential security breach, Arculus has developed a unique metal key card made from 0.3 mm stainless steel, an NFC-enabled secure element, and antenna inlay, plus a protective layer of polymer. This makes sure that none of the stored cryptographic keys are exposed outside the card’s limited operating range – only a few centimeters – thus safeguarding the codes from unauthorised access.

Since all cards are pre-locked when shipped from the factory, a user can have peace of mind when managing crypto assets on their Arculus wallet. With Arculus’ ultra-secure cards, having peace of mind goes hand in hand with convenience – access to digital assets is fast and easy!

What Cryptocurrencies does Arculus support?

With its advanced security tools, Arculus wallet offers a great way to store and transact in any of the 40 currently supported cryptos. As an added bonus, the platform allows buying and swapping for over a dozen cryptos and altcoins from popular options such as BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT. So you get superior security with more functionality than most major exchanges. Arculus stands out by enabling purchase of crypto coins in two fiat currencies – USD and EUR. And you have the option to access your wallet via a joint account too if required.

Purchase Cryptocurrencies

Arculus is a great platform for cryptocurrency trading. Its integrated gateway makes buying and selling crypto easy and convenient. Transactions are managed by Simplex, though fees may be high. In addition to this simple purchase service, Arculus provides an extensive wallet which currently supports the storage of more than 40 different digital assets. Although only 14 cryptocurrencies are available for direct purchase through Arculus, this nonetheless represents a reliable option for convenient buying and selling of digital currency.


Arculus is a leading provider of cold storage solutions for crypto assets and NFTs. Its unique NFC-enabled metal card offers multiple levels of authentication, including biometrics, a pin code, and the physical card itself, providing unparalleled protection for digital assets. The Arculus Wallet App also features a NFT viewer, allowing users to buy, sell, and manage their NFTs with ease. The app offers integration with DeFi apps through WalletConnect, expanding the range of activities that can be performed with the wallet.

With a growing list of supported cryptocurrencies and a user-friendly interface, Arculus is suitable for both beginner and experienced crypto investors. Its physical key card adds an extra layer of security, although it also means that users must be careful to keep track of it. Despite this potential drawback, Arculus’ 3-factor authentication process offers a solution for users concerned about the potential loss or theft of their card. Overall, Arculus is a secure and convenient solution for storing and managing crypto assets.

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