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Coinomi Wallet Review

Coinomi logoCoinomi is the perfect solution for users with diverse portfolios, both old and new, who want a secure, easy-to-use wallet system. Supported by top-grade security protocol such as strong encryption and hierarchical deterministic technology, Coinomi makes sure that your assets are in safe hands, wherever you go. The multi-asset wallet is available on any platform so that your coins and tokens can be accessed from multiple devices. With its vast selection of coins and tokens to choose from and in an array of languages, there’s no wonder it is becoming one of the most preferred wallets in the market today!

Coinomi App

Pros :

  • Custom and dynamic fees
  • 24h/24 Customer support
  • Good security features

Cons :

  • Lacks two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Not open source

What is Coinomi Wallet ?

With over 125 different blockchains, Coinomi ensures support for a wide array of digital assets to its users. It is no wonder that the company claims to be providing the largest number of blockchains than any other non-custodial wallet. These include tokens and other crypto assets amounting to more than 1770 total coin varieties. All this from a trusted, secure single multi-asset platform. With Coinomi, users enjoy quick and simple access to their funds with tremendous assurance when it comes to security on each blockchain network.

Key Features of Coinomi

Coinomi offers numerous features that all promote functionality and security. Not only does Coinomi offer typical options such as internal coin conversion and transactions but it also integrates with cryptocurrency exchangers like Changelly, Coinswitch, Totle and Binance DEX. What’s more, Coinomi has a minimalistic interface with no unnecessary tools or features that make its already convenient use even simpler. It also boasts of a high conversion speed due to its dynamic commission system, which takes mempool queues into consideration. To top it off, it is lightweight and runs on low RAM requirements making it compatible on mobile devices too!

Supported Coins

Mycelium Wallet is an ideal solution for cryptocurrency users ranging from novice beginners to experienced traders. Not only is its open source code strong and secure, but it requires no personal information or identification credentials so you can remain anonymous while trading. Although the wallet lets you buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether, and 90 other ERC-20 tokens, Mycelium also has a unique decentralized exchange called Local Trader – exclusively available to Android users. With Local Trader, users can trade assets directly with one another without having to go through a centralized platform that takes custody of assets. Furthermore, Mycelium’s compatibility with hardware wallets and Bit ID authentication provides additional layers of safety and peace of mind. Mycelium presents its users with a full suite of tools and features for secure digital asset transactions.


Coinomi’s security measures revolve around giving its users full control of their funds. Unlike many other cryptocurrency wallets, Coinomi does not keep copies of its users’ private keys. Instead, the keys are kept securely encrypted on the user’s device. This creates an added layer of safety because even if the Coinomi network is compromised, there is no way that would-be hackers can access user funds without these private keys. While this benefit comes with extra responsibility for users to safeguard their own keys, it also ensures that only they have control over their money.

Desktop & App usability

Coinomi’s unique approach makes it especially appealing to users, offering two different options for accessing the platform. With a desktop version that is accessible and allows anonymous transactions across multiple blockchains, as well as a user-friendly mobile app for those just getting started with crypto. The app offers an uncomplicated experience with an intuitive layout and clear sorting order, so you can find what you’re looking for easily. Unfortunately, some users may find the interface design lacking in modern UX features. Fortunately, both the desktop and mobile app are kept up-to-date in real time which ensures a smooth experience overall!

How to use Coinomi Wallet?

Discover how straightforward it is to set up your Coinomi wallet and begin using it right away :


In conclusion, Coinomi wallet is an excellent choice for desktop or mobile users looking to manage their cryptocurrencies. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with great security features and support of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, make it ideal for both newbies and experienced traders. Additionally, Coinomi allows users to trade on the platform without worrying about bid/ask prices or liquidity which helps simplify the process of engaging in trades tremendously. Even more advanced users can benefit from using Coinomi, despite the fact that it is no longer open source as there are other equally great wallets available on the market which are not open source either.