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Brave Wallet Review

Brave logoThe Brave Browser offers a revolutionary new way to browse the internet with privacy as as priority. By blocking ads and trackers by default, users benefit from a smoother online experience and numerous other added benefits. Those who wish for additional rewards for their browsing activities can opt-in to see privacy-preserving ads, which then earns them Basic Attention Tokens or BAT. Since January 2021, Brave Rewards have enabled 8 million users to receive rewards for viewing ads and tipping content creators, offering a mutually beneficial relationship between user and creator. The Brave Browser is revolutionizing the way people browse the internet with its rewarding system that prioritizes privacy first.

Brave Wallet website

Pros :

  • User-friendly interface
  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Built into the browser (No need to install an extension)
  • Store your BAT tokens easily

Cons :

  • Small number of DApps supported
  • Doesn’t support the storage of Bitcoin
  • Not possible to earn monthly BAT rewards

What is Brave Wallet ?

Brave Wallet is the ideal cryptocurrency wallet for those looking to easily and securely manage their BAT, purchase cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and seamlessly connect with other crypto wallets. With its simple, intuitive interface, Brave Wallet is perfect for beginner users who want to confidently explore cryptocurrency. Moreover, integrating Brave Wallet into the Brave browser further enables privacy-minded users as all transaction data is kept secure within the browser environment. Plus, its availability for both desktop and mobile devices means users can remain in control of their funds wherever life takes them. Best of all, Brave Wallet provides all these features without any cost to the user – although certain activities may involve some transaction fees – making it a great way to get started on your personal digital currency journey.

Key Features of Trust Wallet

The Brave Wallet is the perfect choice for tech-savvy investors and traders looking for advanced wallet features. The wallet offers price matching to help ensure that consumers get the best deal when trading assets. Moreover, users are also given access to decentralized applications (DApps) compatible with most EVM networks like Polygon, Avalanche and more. With the wallet’s import feature, you can easily import pre-existing wallets such as MetaMask, legacy Crypto wallets and so on – making it even easier to integrate your existing digital assets. More importantly, Brave’s wallet allows users to easily buy, send, store and exchange crypto assets across numerous popular crypto networks like Ethereum and Solana. All in all, this makes Brave Wallet an incredibly powerful tool for managing digital finances in a secure yet convenient manner.


While crypto wallets come with a certain degree of risk, the Brave Wallet is designed to minimize these risks. Not only does it make use of advanced encryption and protecting protocols on a user’s device, but the wallet is also a non-custodial wallet meaning that users don’t have to rely on third parties when storing or making transactions. This added layer of security makes the Brave Wallet one of the safest ones available today. Additionally, because the Brave Wallet is developed by the same team who build the popular Brave Browser, you can count on it to be reliable and quite secure.

How to set up Brave Wallet ?

Setting up a Brave Wallet is a simple process, due to the user-friendly layout of the Brave Browser. First, the Brave Browser must be downloaded from their website and clicking on the wallet icon in the top-right corner will allow you to create an account. It’s incredibly important to save your unique recovery/seed phrase; it’s essentially a set of words that can be used to recover your wallet if your password is forgotten or if you replace your device. With an account secure, you’re now free to store and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs, offering more control to manage digital assets all with one platform.


Brave Wallet stands out from other wallets because of its simple, unobtrusive interface and the fact that it comes packaged with Brave Browser. Furthermore, those who use this wallet can automatically earn BAT tokens by viewing ads – making it a great choice for those seeking passive income. Even though there have been some complaints about certain aspects of Brave Wallet – such as transaction fees or server unavailability at times – it is still one of the best wallets on the market for those looking for convenience and privacy as well as opportunities to make money from cryptocurrency.