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Ledger Stax Review

Ledger LogoLedger Stax combines cutting-edge digital asset technology with convenience and style. The curved E Ink touchscreen is designed to make it easier than ever to manage one’s crypto & NFTs, allowing you to perform transaction activities such as clear-signing without breaking a sweat. You can also customize the lock screen of your Ledger Stax to display a photo or an NFT that reflects you for a unique personal touch. On top of this, all your data and information will remain secure thanks to Ledger’s uncompromising security protocols that keep malicious forces from getting your hands on your private keys.

Ledger Stax

Pros :

  • Bluetooth
  • Support NFT
  • 5000+ coins supported
  • Touchscreen

Cons :

  • Price

Unique Features of Ledger Nano X

Ledger StaxThe debut of Ledger Stax marks a revolution in transaction accessibility, bringing the industry-leading security of the Secure Element chip and Ledger’s proprietary OS to a palm-sized, curved E Ink® touch screen. With its compact design and intuitive interface, this groundbreaking technology makes it easy to read, understand, and sign transactions with confidence on the go. The alluring design can even be personalized with your favorite photo or NFT on the lock screen, leaving you with an individualized experience that’s always on display. As trusted by millions in the digital asset economy, Ledger Stax is set to redefine convenience and security like never before.

With Ledger Stax, you can explore the Web3 universe with confidence. Its sleek build and built-in magnets keep your assets secure while its largest display makes navigating transactions incredibly smooth. Plus, personalize your device by naming it, setting a favorite picture or NFT as its lock screen and connecting to Ledger Live mobile any time, anywhere. Thanks to wireless charging, all it takes is one less cable to carry around when you have Ledger Stax in your pocket. And with support from the easy-to-use Ledger Live app, you can manage your assets at any time for complete peace of mind.


Ledger Stax Security is the ultimate in digital protection, offering maximum security for customers’ data and information. Using a secure element chip, the ST33K1M5, users are ensured their private details are secured with no risk of theft or hijacking. This certified chip undergoes extensive testing and verification to be awarded CC EAL5+, guaranteeing your data is completely safe from any malicious attacks or system failures. Businesses and individuals alike can reap the benefits of this advanced level of secure encryption that Ledger Stax Technology provides.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Supported?

Ledger Stax is the one-stop solution for digital asset users, with access to over 500+ cryptos and tokens supported in the Ledger Live app. Ethereum fans can even enjoy Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as well. If that’s not enough, third-party wallets open up a world of possibilities right at your fingertips – you’ll have access to more than 5,000 varieties of crypto assets for a truly comprehensive array of digital assets. With Ledger Stax, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on new opportunities or trends in the crypto space.

What’s in the Box ?

  • 1 Ledger Stax
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 1 Recovery Sheet
  • Ledger Stax guide